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I have written on a variety of subjects. Below, find my favorite topics and articles published on my website, Medium, or other publications.

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Farmers Could Save Us All

“Conventional” farming is a net producer of greenhouse gas emissions. It adds to our climate crisis. Plus, the excessive use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers and their methods pollute and degrade the soil.

Help me understand!

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How to effortlessly lower your food waste

We waste a third of the food we produce in the western world, while almost 700 million of people are starving!

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Worm composting at an apartment: Recycle food scraps at home

Vermicomposting is a topic I am passionate about

Learn more about worms

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How to save money to build your dream life on an average salary

In this article I explore how my husband and I have managed to buy 10 acres / 4 hectares of land and build 4 cabins without a loan. All paid from our savings. All in 10 years.

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How to survive cleaning with a VERY active toddler?

One day, after exhausting cleaning session with my toddler around, I tried to look at it with humor.

Laugh with me

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Hello, Momma

My baby cried in my arms unless I breastfed him to sleep

I wrote the story I desperately needed to read a year ago.

This story has a happy ending

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How to meditate when you can’t keep still. Even for a minute.

 A short history and guide to walking meditation

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Do you want to achieve a yoga body?

Spoiler alert: You already have one!

Change your mind about yoga

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Living In Chile As An Expat – The Essential Guide

Everything you need to know before moving to Chile

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I walked more than 700 kilometers (463 mi) in 28 days in Spain.

Travel meets spirituality

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