Lenka Babaríková

Lenka Babaríková

Freelance writer and Editor


For you, I am Lenka B. My last name is too long and unusual. I am a freelance writer and editor. 

I write blog posts, articles, social media, and website content. I write about what I am passionate about: the environment, sustainable lifestyle, the power of nature, the people and the planet, yoga, meditation, maternity, travel, and other sparkling topics. 

I have always loved everything related to language, linguistics, and words: reading, writing, theater, reciting, hosting a radio show, learning new languages, and translating books.

I started early. I published a book when I was 8. I drafted and illustrated short stories on paper as a gift for my dad, then convinced my teacher to help me and publish them. We included stories of my classmates, and the book was born.

I have a Master’s degree in International Communications and Language Teaching (I couldn’t decide, so I studied both). Until 2019 I worked in the corporate world, and I was successful but not fully satisfied.

I decided to quit and pursue two dreams simultaneously: Build rental cabins in the Chilean countryside and start freelancing as a writer and editor. I have since worked for many clients, mainly as a ghostwriter. 

Now, I live in our cabin with my family, while renting the other three. I write whenever I am not caring for my son, the houses, or the garden. I have found my happy place.